We believe it takes knowledge and know-how from different types of experts to design excellent PU holds. That is why our team is consisted of professionals from different fields of expertise: climbers, technicians, and managers. We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

“With passion for climbing!”

The vision of the GECKO HOLDS Company is to deliver modern and eco-friendly PU holds with the best grip possible combined with unique design.
GECKO: There are more than 1000 different species of geckos. Geckos are reptiles ranging from 2cm to 50cm in size that developed one of the most efficient and agile mechanisms for adherence to the surface. They have the ability to cling to the wall with a single toe. Electronic microscopy revealed the secret of the gecko adhesion. The pads of their long toes are covered with microscopic plates that are in turn covered with numerous tiny hair-like processes in the size class of 100nm. Most geckos’ toes are forked at the end.  These microscopic hooks are therefore designed for a perfect grip which requires a thrust and shift backwards. This allows them to adhere to the surface with an attractive force up to 1300N. They can cling to almost any surface without the use of any liquids. They can even walk and climb such smooth surfaces as glass. Their toes do not leave footprints. When climbing geckos do not put their whole toe on the ground at once, but gradually lean their toes which are previously forked at the end against the surface. This, however, creates enough thrust against the surface and simultaneously a sufficiently long brush over the surface to enable the tips of the hair-like processes to be evenly distributed and thus increase the contact surface up to the maximum size. A mechanism with such efficiency is also of interest for human use as it could help in vertical climbing.
  • Products from our sales assortment of holds are known for their unique colors, designs, and materials.
  • Each hold is designed with the intent to enable the   best grip possible as it is created based on climbing experiences of world renowned climbers.
  • Our team guarantees the delivery of even the most complex shapes of holds made based on your requests in exemplary production time.